Power Bible: From Creation to the Story of Joseph Volume 1

by Shin-Joong Kim
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From Creation to the Story of Joseph:
Out of the darkness, God creates the Heavens and the Earth. He creates man in His own image. Because the man was lonely, He creates a wife for him. Adam and Eve, the first humans, could not keep God's commandment to them and so they are driven out of the Garden of Eden. The stories continue with Cain, the world's first murderer; Abel, the world's first murder victim; Noah, the righteous man who survived the Great Flood; Abraham, the father of the Israelites; Isaac, the son who almost became a sacrifice; Jacob, the man who wrestled with God; and Joseph, the brother who was sold into slavery and eventually became Egypt's Prime Minister... meet all of these people in this exciting new comic. Designed for children who are bombarded by technology, this collection of stories is rewritten simply in language that today's youth can understand and features artwork that can grab and hold their attentions. Great for churches, youth groups, and more. Recommended for ages 6-12.

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