PBJ Devotions

by Pam Eddings
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PBJ devotions is a uniquely different approach to spending time with God. This book follows a weekly theme in a structured daily format.

•Day 1 - You will commune with God through song.

•Day 2 - You will discover the variety of expectations God has for your life.

•Day 3 - You will learn the nutritional values and content of the various components that make up the PBJ of your choice and how it relates to feasting on God’s Word.

•Day 4 - Just as you daily wash your hands, especially before you eat, you will learn the importance of Spiritual cleansing.

•Day 5 - By habit, you bless your food. You will be blessed by the prayer tips and prayer experiences shared every week.

•Day 6 - You will indulge in an in-depth banquet from God’s table, featuring a Bible personality, modern hero of Faith, or Bible principle.

•Day 7 – A time of Thanksgiving and reflection will end each week.Just as you grew up on PBJ’s in their many flavors and varieties, you will grow spiritually, sitting at the feet of Jesus with this distinctive devotional style for daily communion with God.