Parent Guides to Social Media Box Set

by Axis
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It’s common for parents to feel lost in their teen’s world. They can sift through the social media slang, texting shorthand, and viral quotes, and still feel disconnected and confused. Axis Parent’s Guide to Social Media is a generational translator of a teen’s world, featuring easy-to-understand explanations, relevant descriptions, and life applications.

Enjoy answers to questions including:
  • Why do teens like it?
  • How did this become popular?
  • What are the potential dangers?
  • How do I talk to my teens about it?

This is your go-to guide for understanding your teen’s world and sparking a deep, ongoing faith conversation that matters.

Guides include:
  • A Parent’s Guide to Teen FOMO
  • A Parent’s Guide to Influencers
  • A Parent’s Guide to Instagram
  • A Parent’s Guide to TikTok
  • A Parent’s Guide to YouTube