Out of the Pulpit Into the Pew

by Gene Williams
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Ministers spend their lives leading and serving others. And although the demands of their jobs are often challenging and sometime tiresome, they receive strength and comfort from knowing their work and service has meaning and is significant to the kingdom of God. But what happens when they retire? How do they transition from shepherd to sheep? For many retired pastors, this change is very difficult. In Out of the Pulpit, into the Pew, retired pastor Gene Williams provides encouragement and guidance for retired and active pastors who want to find meaning and enjoyment in their retirement years. He discusses the importance of preparing for retirement and explores ways one can find significance and service even though he or she has moved from the pulpit to the pew. He addresses several of the questions retired ministers struggle with such as, ’Who am I without a church?’ ’What do I do now?’ ’Where will I live?’ and ’How do I maintain financial stability?’ He explains how cultivating healthy self-respect, having a secure financial savings, and finding a healthy hobby are just a few of the bridges that must be crossed in order to enjoy a meaningful life in retirement. Out of the Pulpit, into the Pew offers active and retired ministers wisdom and practical guidance as they transition into a meaningful, well-deserved life in retirement.