Out of the Ashes

by Michelle Pace
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No one is a stranger to grief in this world. The pain of personal loss and disappointment can leave us feeling crushed, confused, and bereft of purpose. Sometimes it is hard to see beyond the ash and rubble left behind by significant loss in our lives, blinding us to work God wishes to accomplish through our grief. In Out of the Ashes, Michelle Pace shares her personal experience with grief after the death of her husband. As God rearranges the pieces of her life, she follows the leading of His voice into unfamiliar territory only to encounter and unexpected trial that threatens to engulf her. Michelle shares the lessons she learned in this dark time to give light and testimony to the fact that God makes all things new. If we allow Him, He will use the tragedy and disappointment in our lives to propel us into new heights of faith and trust in Him, and the ashes left behind will only serve as a reminder of where God has brought us from.