Once A Mother, Always A Mother

by LaJoyce Martin
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Mrs. Schmitz loser her family on her way to the United States from Germany. A widow for thirteen years, she takes in two homeless boys with very different temperaments and backgrounds, both near the same age.

One, Harold Davison, is a former newsboy off the streets of San Francisco. The other, Tark Baldwin, comes as a 'thief' with surprising talent. Mrs. Schmitz's magnetism is her motherly love. 'Einmal eine Mutter, immer eine Mutter' - German for 'Once a mother, alway a mother' - is her mantra.

Claiming her 'boys' are 'goot' boys in spite of their faults, she gives of herself, her resources, and her wisdom to bring them to their highest potential. And the reward she receives is greater than anything she could ever imagine!

This is a 'goot' read, particularly the conclusion. But for a happy landing, please don't peek ahead...!