On Being Pentecostal Guest Follow-up Set

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Guest Follow-Up Packet

On Being Pentecostal is designed to be a comprehensive guest follow-up program for your church.

Here's how it works:

1. Give each visitor to your church a Guest Card and ask them to fill in their contact information on the back. Inform them that when they return the completed card after the service they will receive a free gift book.

2. Customize the back of the Welcome Card with a personalized message from your pastor about your church (see instructions below). Insert a Welcome Card in each copy of On Being Pentecostal.

3. When the guest returns his or her completed Guest Card, give them their gift book with Welcome Card inside.

4. Customize the back of the lmpactCard with a personalized message from your pastor inviting the guest to return. Using the contact information they provided, print their address on the lmpactCard and mail it to them the week following their visit. (Please note: The lmpactCard requires full, first-class postage. A postcard stamp will be insufficient.) While this is the recommended manner in which to use On Being Pentecostal and the Guest FollowUp Packet, it is only a guideline. Feel free to use these materials in a way that best complements your existing guest follow-up system.

Customizing the Cards

The Welcome Card and the lmpactCard are blank on the back so you can customize them with your own message. We have provided templates to make this simple for you.