My Conductor

by John W. Hanson
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In a world gone mad with sin, strange religions, moral confusion and world-wide social, political and economical upheaval, Christians can still enjoy profound love, abundant joy and rivers of peace in their lives. This is only possible, however, if God, Himself, is allowed to orchestrate every detail of our lives. My Conductor is an allegorical representation of what a Spirit-led life should look like. God is The Conductor and believers are privileged to play in His orchestra. He has written the ultimate masterpiece and is conducting a world-wide symphony of which you can be a part. Everyone who accepts His invitation to join this endeavor is vital to the success of His great production. This book will ignite a passion to find your place in the body of Christ and play with all your heart. The imagery and wordplays will thrill your soul. Perhaps you will even sense the Great Conductor looking at you. The author's prayer is that you and many others will truly tune in to God's direction and join in the great symphony that He is now directing toward a fabulous finale!