MOVE! Digital Resources Winter 2023

by Charles G. Robinette
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MOVE! is the perfect solution for churches who minister to a group of children from ages 5–12. It is designed to feature activities and teaching options to appeal to a diverse age range. It can be used in a variety of ways including as a kids’ church curriculum if you have a large group format midweek or Sunday for high-energy action with all the kids together. It also is a great tool to minister in a setting where you have a small number of kids in a single class with broad age ranges. Several activity options are provided so you can craft MOVE! to fit your unique needs.

Your purchase of MOVE! includes a Leader Guide with thirteen lessons. Additionally, activity pages, music, and videos are provided digitally and the code provide inside your MOVE! Leader Guide will allow you to add this item to your cart, checkout, and access these for no additional cost.