Five Reasons Churches Thrive: A Leadership Fable eBook

by Eugene Wilson
Word Aflame Press
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Why do some churches thrive and others struggle?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could snap your fingers and instantly create a thriving church? The reality is that church health is decided not by a single technique but by foundational health that involves structure, values, purpose, and relationships. With that larger picture in mind, church leadership coach Eugene Wilson presents in this book five factors that lead to a healthy church culture.

Whether you’re a senior pastor, a staff pastor, a ministry leader, or a student of church growth, this book will guide you through core reasons churches thrive or struggle. Following the conversations of a young pastor seeking the advice of a seasoned pastor, this fable outlines five barriers that inhibit church growth and what we can do to overcome them. You’ll enjoy the story and no doubt see yourself in the fable’s characters, but most important—you’ll be given strategies to build a culture that empowers your church to thrive.