Monday Mornings With Stephenie

by Stephenie Haney Montes
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This weekly Devotional book will inspire women from all walks of life to live full of faith and tenacity. It will challenge you to stand strong and to be brave like many of the women who we read about in the Bible. Each devotion will inspire you to dig deeper into the Word and to turn to prayer during every season of life that comes your way.

"Monday morning, come and visit with Stephenie as she shares her gifted writings from her heart, for she has experienced much pain in her life! She has always cared about the hurting and those who have suffered much, but now so more than ever. Her experiences have caused her to press close to Jesus where she has learned of Him, which is reflected in this book! You will be helped and uplifted, not just on Monday, but anytime you need a word of inspiration to help you!" –Joy Haney