Mistress of Magnolia Manor - A Pioneer Romance

by LaJoyce Martin
Word Aflame Press
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ISBN: 9781567226201
Page Count: 171
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Determined to live a rich and carefree life, Atlas Teff 'sells' his ten-year-old sister to a passing stranger so that he may claim his dying father's assets. But things don't turn out as he plans. Brother and sister take vastly different roads in life, one sinking in the mire and the other rising to surprising heights. Emma's path bends and turns as she wrestles with her heart, spurning the man who loves her. She becomes the Mistress of Magnolia Manor but is haunted by one question: Will she ever be able to forgive the brother who betrayed her? A doll named Millymuff . . . a family Bible . . . a tintype photograph . . . These intriguing pieces fit into the resolution of Emma's past and future.