Ministerial Development - Time Management - Lesson 13 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 13. Time Management

A. Planning
1. Plan for the long term
2. Plan for every day
3. Build in flexibility
4. Identify priorities: daily and long-term

B. Implementing
1. Focus on high priorities
2. Be time conscious
3. Learn when to say no
4. Do it now
a. Try to handle things the first time they come to you
b. Try to handle things only one time
5. Work when you work: be diligent, efficient
6. Be brief and to the point
7. Bunch similar work (calls, letters, emails, visits, errands)
8. With work be efficient; with people be effective

C. Delegating
1. Hindrances
a. Fear that no one else can do the job as well
b. Fear that someone can do the job as well
2. Three essential elements
a. Give responsibility for a job or task
b. Give authority to do the job or task
c. Establish lines of accountability
3. A=R. Authority must be equal to the responsibility, and vice versa
4. Diagnostic questions for when to delegate
a. Does anyone need to do the task?
b. Can someone else do it well enough? Example: 80% as well
c. Does it waste someone else’s time?