Ministerial Development - The Minister's Qualifications - Lesson 3 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 3. The Minister’s Qualifications
I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9

A. Qualifications in both I Timothy and Titus
1. Blameless
2. Husband of one wife
3. Sober (of sound mind)
4. Given to (lover of) hospitality
5. Not given to wine
6. Not a striker (not violent)
7. Not greedy of filthy lucre
8. One who rules his house and has children under subjection
B. Additional requirements in I Timothy
1. Vigilant (clear headed)
2. Of good behavior
3. Able to teach
4. Patient
5. Not a brawler
6. Not covetous
7. Not a novice
8. Having a good report among outsiders
C. Additional requirements in Titus
1. Not self-willed
2. Not soon angry
3. Lover of good people (or things)
4. Just (upright)
5. Holy
6. Temperate (self-controlled)
7. Holding fast the faithful Word