Ministerial Development Responsibility to Leaders and Elders (MP4)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 11: Influence and Accountability

1.Inspiring others with a vision so they adopt and mold it as their own.
2.Motivating others to go where they need to go to fulfill the vision.
3.Leadership is influence; it extends only as far as influence does.
4.Influence is like money in the bank: spend it wisely, don’t make withdrawals too often, and make more deposits than withdrawals.
5.Leadership extends only as far as the leader has gone.
6.The power to communicate is the power to lead.
7.Importance of mentoring, teaching, and training.

1.God: personal relationship, including basic spiritual disciplines.
2.Self: mental and physical health, including exercise, diet, rest.
3.Family: spouse, children, parents.
4.Spiritual authority: pastor, teachers, mentors.
5.Spiritual peers: friends, associates, prayer partners, accountability partners.
6.Spiritual followers.
7.Body of Christ.