Ministerial Development - Pastoral Counseling - Lesson 21 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
Word Aflame Press
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Lesson 21. Pastoral Counseling

A. Basis
1. Bible
2. Experience
3. Not professional counseling
4. Prayer and work of Holy Spirit

B. Principles
1. Respect for individuals and their power of choice
2. Guide and facilitate, not dictate; authority based on the Word
3. Confidentiality

C. Implementation
1. Schedule a time
2. Pray
3. Listen
4. Empathize
5. Instill hope
6. Ask for commitment to change
7. Focus on action; focus on solution rather than problem or blame
8. Guide the person in recognizing the problem, considering options, and planning solution
9. Relationships: focus on top priorities for each person
10. Provide resources: handouts, books, DVDs, other counselors
11. Give prescription and possibly homework
12. Discuss follow-up
13. Plan an ending, typically including prayer