Ministerial Development - Ministering with Sensitivity - Lesson 17 - (MP4)

by David K. Bernard
Word Aflame Press
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Lesson 17. Ministering with Sensitivity

A.Cultivating Sensitivity
2.Love for people
3.Awareness of people and their response
4.Leading of the Spirit

B.Hindrances to Sensitivity
2.Lack of burden
4.Program or ritual
5.Human expectations
6.Human zeal
7.Lack of prayer

C.Appreciation of Diversity
1.Personalities of people and groups
2.Types of ministry
3.Types of services

D.Practical Application
1.Determine what is most effective and appropriate in a setting (accept its limitations)
2.Don’t try to imitate others or do the job of others (example: the pastor)
3.Always respect people
4.Always have a positive, faith-building approach (don’t act in frustration)
5.Emphasize the Word of God
6.Allow the work of the Spirit (not to be confused with human zeal, action, or noise)
7.Project a spiritual appeal but don’t try to force the issue

E.Evaluating Results
1.You are part of a process
2.Not all results are visible
3.You can learn from every situation
4.Don’t expect someone else’s results
5.God gives the increase