Ministerial Development - Ministerial Ethics - Lesson 9 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 9: Ministerial Ethics
Matthew 7:12

(See E. L. Holley in The Pentecostal Minister)
A.Relationship to the Community
B.Relationship to the Senior Pastor
C.Relationship to Believers
D.Relationship to Evangelists
E.Relationship to Other Ministers, Pastors, and Churches
F.Relationship to Predecessor and Successor
G.Relationship to District and General Organization
H.Incoming transfers: what to do when members of another Apostolic church start attending your church or indicate a desire to transfer to your church
1.Advise them to talk with their pastor, and explain that you do not solicit members from other Apostolic churches but seek to grow by evangelism (note: you and your members must sincerely follow the spirit and letter of this policy of nonsolicitation)
2.Communicate with their pastor to make sure he knows and to get his input (even if they are moving from another town)
3.If the pastor expresses concerns yet they persist in coming, generally you would neither encourage nor forbid attendance and would not offer them involvement in the near future
I.Outgoing transfers: what to do when members of your church want to leave
1.Give advice based on what is best for their spiritual life, encouraging them not to run from problems and encouraging them to make consecrations
2.If they express concerns about the church, consider them objectively and be willing to address problems as needed
3.If they insist on leaving, don’t fight or threaten but respect their power of choice; if you try to retain them against their will you will likely create a greater problem
4.As much as possible, let them leave on good terms and leave the door open for return
5.Communicate with the new pastor with the goal of helping both him and them
J.“My Code of Ethics” (UPCI Manual)