Ministerial Development - GATS

by James G. Poitras
Word Aflame Press
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Face it: in our gigantic world, you may feel small and insignificant. Like a butterfly struggling in a cocoon through ministerial development, you are about to be launched into a lifetime of effective ministry. The world anxiously awaits! Heaven is preparing its animated applause!

Are you ready to embark on the most exhilarating undertaking of a lifetime? Turn the page. Let the journey begin.

Note: Throughout the Bible, God used women, as well as men, to advance His kingdom. Consider Miriam, Deborah, Anna, and the four daughters of Philip the evangelist. Ministry has never been gender specific. Therefore, minister, as used in this book, is not gender specific. Global Missions happily recognizes the call God has placed on many women who labor as pastors, teachers, and evangelists. Together they join their ministering brethren and form a mighty band of truly Apostolic ministers.