Ministerial Development - Emceeing Services - Lesson 19 - (MP3)

by David K. Bernard
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Lesson 19. Emceeing a Service

A. General
1. Move the service purposefully and progressively
2. Make quick transitions; avoid dead time
3. Avoid excessive speaking between elements of the service
4. Avoid having the people to stand excessively
5. Testimonies should be quick, positive, and purposeful
6. Soloists should testify only when asked
7. Stay in the microphone
8. Be time conscious; check with the pastor on when he wants the service

B. Praise Leaders and Music Directors
1. Give clear signals to the musicians at all times
2. When leading songs, keep singing, especially during transitions
3. Promote congregational participation and worship
a. Consider what relates to congregation, youth, community, visitors
b. Diversity of styles
c. Older hymns, standard songs, and new songs
d. Teach, motivate, and involve congregation