Matters of the Heart

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Every single one of us have wondered if there is more to our relationship with God that what we see. It is in Him that we live, move, and have our being (Acts 17:28).

With the utmost assurance, this book will open your eyes so that you can see your relationship with God clearly and with a renewed sense of purpose and vision. Brandon M. Crooker a Pentecostal preacher, shares insights from the Bible so you can:

trust in the Lord with all your heart;

remain sober and vigilant against the devil;

assess your life with honesty and sincerity;

live life according to Scripture.

The author also emphasizes the power of our choices, a preacher he grew up listening to, who said that we do not just make choices, but we are made by our choices. That is revelatory! It is so simple, yet so profound. Whenever you make a choice, there is an intention and spirit behind that choice.

Arm yourself with biblical knowledge and embark on a journey that will protect your heart from strife, and in turn, your soul from destruction. It starts with Matters of the Heart.