Marigold: Book 3 of the Briar Hollow Series

by Lori Wagner
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The Heartwarming Drama Continues in The Briar Hollow Series Marigold, the youngest of the Johnson daughters, brings light and life wherever she goes. Quick witted and full of personality, the vibrant girl stood on the sidelines as one by one, her sisters and friends married off and started families of their own. When racial prejudice drives the Thalman family from across the state to her community in Washington, Kentucky, Marigold finds herself inexplicably drawn to Eli, a young Jewish tailor. A committed Christian, she struggles with her desire to choose a relationship with Eli over obedience to God's Word. While Marigold deals with her own 'civil war,' some in the community are not yet willing to lay aside antebellum prejudices. Riders in white hoods target beloved family friends throwing Eli and Marigold in harm's way.