Losses and Gains

by LaJoyce Martin
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Luke Tillson feels out of place. He is older, taller, and less ragged than other street vendors. (And Bonnie, the landlord's daughter, thinks he is better-looking, too!) Many of the boys in his trade are orphans, and Luke is not. But he has to take any employment he can find to help support his widowed mother and younger brother.

Had the family received the money Luther Tillson had planned that they should, they would not be steeped in poverty. Instead of faring well, though they must live in a second-rate apartment in the less savory segment of town.

What are the chances that Luke will ever cross paths with the man who has cheated them out of their rights? None, Likely. And how will they survive when Luke's mother loses her sewing job? Can they live on less than a dollar per day?

Honesty, integrity, and courage do pay off, however. Follow Luke to this miracle, and Bonnie to her dreams.