Link247 The Shepherd King

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Big Idea — From lowly shepherd to powerful king,
David serves as an example of a life journey that begins with establishing a relationship with God and culminates in actively fulfilling God’s kingdom purposes. This series calls students to build a personal relationship with God, be faithful during seasons of waiting, move forward in God’s grace after mistakes, and embrace a lifestyle of worship.

• Week 1 — The Shepherd
David’s victories as a shepherd were without an audience. Because he learned how to fight privately, he was victorious in publicly defeating Goliath. This lesson emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with God and how vital it is to live for Him when no one is looking.

• Week 2 — Anointed to Wait
David was anointed king, invited into Saul’s palace, and killed the giant. After all of that, he had to wait for what was to come. This lesson explains the importance of making the most of God’s waiting period and being faithful.

• Week 3 — King-Sized Mistakes
Being a king didn’t exempt David from temptation, and his spiritual laziness resulted in giving in to that temptation. Yet even though he had to live through the consequences of his sin, he leaned on God and the sweetness of His mercy. This lesson will illustrate how to overcome mistakes.

• Week 4 — Outward Praise, Inward Worship
David praised God no matter who was watching and no matter what was going on around him. His praise was proof that God held David’s affection and devotion completely. This lesson will emphasize how praise and worship are avenues of strength and growth in our lives.