Link247 Calling All Dreamers

by Link247
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Big Idea — God gives us dreams and callings, but they don’t always come together easily. In this series we will examine the life of Joseph as we learn how to embrace, pursue, never doubt, and eventually experience God’s purpose in our lives.

• Week 1 — Embrace the Dream
Joseph was the apple of his father’s eye, and Jacob had big plans for him. God, though, had even bigger plans for Joseph. Joseph was faced with a decision: embrace his father’s plans or embrace his God-given vision. This lesson will explore the importance of embracing the dreams and callings God places in our lives.

• Week 2 — Pursue the Dream
As he faced rejection from those closest to him, Joseph had to decide to pursue his dream from God in spite of a lack of support. This lesson focuses on ways to pursue God-given dreams, even when others are not behind us.

• Week 3 — Never Doubt the Dream
Though slavery, personal slander, and incarceration could have easily discouraged Joseph, he refused to give up on his dream. This lesson discusses the importance of clinging to the call of God and trusting Him to keep His word, even if the journey is difficult.

• Week 4 — Experience the Dream
Joseph’s faithfulness to God paid off, for God elevated him in a way he never could have imagined! In this lesson we will examine the importance of patience and faithfulness as we prepare to see God do things through us that we never dreamed were possible.