Late Elementary Value Pack (Digital) Summer 2024

by God's Word for Life
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This resource is a digital version of God’s Word for Life material, referred to as a digital license. It is for use in your local church. One license should be purchased for each person who will be using the file. In accordance with U. S. and international copyright law, digital material may not be shared beyond the local assembly without written permission from Pentecostal Publishing House.

Everything you need to begin teaching is available for purchase in a conveniently bundled kit. The Late Elementary Value Pack includes 1 Leader Guide, 5 Activity Pages, and 1 Resource Kit. After adding the Value Pack to your cart, you will be provide the option to purchase additional resources at the following discounted rates:

  • Leader Guides - $2.99
  • Activity Pages - $5.09
  • Resource Kits - $19.99