Knights of the Kingdom Teacher Manual (KPH) (PDF)

by Kids Power Hour
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Announcing Knights of the Kingdom, a knights-in-training program for children ages five to eleven. Knights of the Kingdom is all about the whole armor of God. Deeds of chivalry, feats of memory, and faithful attendance transform students from squires into knights. In addition to lessons for a full 13-week quarter, Knights of the Kingdom includes a complete vacation Bible school program. Animated songs on the resource DVD (purchased separately) help children learn songs that emphasize putting on the whole armor of God. The DVD also provides ideas for games, snacks, and crafts and includes full-color reproducible items. A CD of the music (with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions) is also available.

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To utilize this curriculum to its fullest, order Knights of the Kingdom Teacher Manual with DVD, or CD.

Décor: Castle
Character: Squire Nolan,
Hour 1 Under Attack (Jesus’ Temptation)
Hour 2 Suit Up (The Whole Armor of God)
Hour 3 Held Up by Truth (Belt of Truth/Paul’s Shipwreck)
Hour 4 The Right Protection (Breastplate of Righteousness/Hezekiah)
Hour 5 Peace Talk (Shoes of Peace/Paul & Silas in Jail)
Hour 6 Shield of Faith (Job)
Hour 7 Head Protection (Helmet of Salvation/Demoniac from Gadara)
Hour 8 A Sharp Sword (Sword of the Spirit/Peter, Sergius Paulus)
Hour 9 Prayer—A Powerful Exercise (Peter in Jail)
Hour 10 On Watch (Nehemiah’s Wall)
Hour 11 Stand Firm (David’s Mighty Men)
Hour 12 The Battle Is the Lord’s (Jehoshaphat)
Hour 13 Orders from Headquarters (Three Kings)