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Kids R Kool - Teacher Manual - Kids Power Hour

by Kids Power Hour
Word Aflame Press
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Inside the 1950's style soda fountain, children enjoy learning about the Bible and the people of that time. Learn valuable lessons on how the same truths from then are to be applied in our lives today. Activities, games, songs, scripts, illustrated children's sermons - everything you need for an exciting hour of children's church - is provided.

Recommended: 3 of the 13 lessons can be used for a 3-night Kid's Crusade.

A CD containing songs mentioned throughout the lessons is also available.

More Info about Kids R Kool

Décor: 50’s Diner
Characters: Frankie the Soda Jerk
Unit One: Kids Under Pressure
1. Moses, the Adopted Prince
2. Samuel, the Foster Child
3. David, the Baby of the Family
4. Esther, the Orphan
Unit Two: Kids with Behavior Problems
5. Cain, the Jealous Brother
6. Lot, the Selfish Nephew
7. Jacob and Esau, the Fighting Twins
8. Samson, the Strong-willed Kid
Unit Three: Kids with Emotional Pain
9. Ishmael, the Rejected Son
10. Jephthah, the Hated Half-brother
11. Mephibosheth, the Crippled Lad
12. The Widow’s Sons, Poor Boys
13 John the Baptist, the Lonely Guy