Kids R Kool - CD- Kids Power Hour

by Kids Power Hour
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Inside the 1950's style soda fountain, children enjoy learning about the Bible and the people of that time. This CD contains songs suggested in the Kids R Kool manual, with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions. These recordings will save hours of preparation time and add dramatic effect to the services.

Recommended: 3 of the 13 lessons can be used for a 3 night Kid's Crusade.

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Tracks include: Count Your Blessings * Where God Wants Me to Be * Have Thine Own Way, Lord * Sound Effect: Laughter * Shining for Jesus * Jesus Even Loves Me * Take This Whole World * I Want, I Want * I John 4:7-8 * His Banner Over Me Is Love * I Want to Do What He Wants Me To * Jesus Loves Kids * A Blessing Spout * My Best Friend