Kids in Praise - Volume 1 - CD

by Word Aflame Press
Word Aflame Press
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The Kids in Praise 1 CD features 15 all new children's worship songs that reinforce Apostolic Bible truths and lessons. The songs are provided both with lyrics and as split tracks. The music is performed by The Pentecostals of Clearwater Children?s Choir (Clearwater, FL), and is written and directed by Kim Ballestero.
Titles include:* Five Steps (Plan of Salvation) * Hug from Heaven * Galatians 5:26 * No One Loves Me Like Jesus Does * Blessed and Highly Favored * Inside Out * You Gotta Have the Holy Ghost * No Rock * Lord, I Worship You * All Ye Children Praise Him * Woke Up This Morning * Obey * All My Day * One God * Heaven.

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