Kids: God's Masterpiece Teacher Manual (KPH) (PDF)

by Kids Power Hour
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Anna, the artist, teaches about the beautiful world of color as the children study 'God's Master Plan' (doctrine), 'K-I-D-S' (self-esteem), and 'Color Me' (character development).
Activities, games, songs, scripts, illustrated children's sermons - everything you need for an exciting hour of children's church - is provided. New black & white version is now reduced in price.

A CD containing songs mentioned throughout the lessons is also available.

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Décor: Artist’s Room
Characters: Anna the Artist

Unit One: God’s Master Plan (Doctrine)
1. The Black Book (The Law Is Given on Mt. Sinai)
2. The Red Blood (The Passover)
3. The Gold Church (God’s Master Plan Revealed)
4. The White Robe (John Writes to the Churches)
Unit Two: K-I-D-S (Self-Esteem)
5. Kids Are Keen (Paul’s Nephew, a Sharp Kid)
6. Kids Are Important (John the Baptist, an Important Baby)
7. Kids Are Delightful (The Children Sing Hosanna)
8. Kids Are Special (Jesus Blesses the Children)
Unit Three: Color Me (Character Development)
9. Color Me Green (Cain Murders His Brother)
10. Color Me Yellow (Jacob Runs Scared)
11. Color Me Blue (Elijah Gets Discouraged)
12. Color Me Red (Jonah Gets Mad)
13. Color Me Purple (Daniel Keeps Praying)