Jude Christ the Keeper

by Nathan S. Whitley
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The letter of Jude is one of the shortest books in the New Testament. Along with Philemon, it contains only 25 verses. What Jude’s letter lacks in length, it makes up for in content. Jude can pack a big punch in a small package. And while Christians might be more familiar with other New Testament letters, Jude should not be overlooked.

Jude had intended to write about salvation. Instead, he urged his readers to defend the Christian faith. Ungodly people had wormed their way into the churches of his readers. Jude is an essential letter for modern believers. First, the threat of false teaching is as prevalent today as it was in the first century. Believers must be able to identify false doctrine and recognize its potential for destruction. Second, Jude’s letter is essential because believers can find comfort that their salvation is secure in the face of threats from within the church and without.