Joyful Hands - CD

by Kids Power Hour
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Handy Dan, a wise and sympathetic guy, gives valuable lessons from his toolbox. This CD contains songs, sound effects, Scripture readings and puppet skits mentioned in the JOYful Hands manual, with both full-track and accompaniment-only versions. These recordings will save hours of preparation time and add dramatic effect to the services.

More Information about JOYful Hands

Tracks include: The Golden Rule * The Great Commandments * My JOYful Hands * If We All Will Pull Together * Love the Lord * I've Got the Joy Down in My Heart * I'm Gonna Take a Stand * God Loves the Truth * Behold, Bless Ye the Lord * We're Dynamos * The Rich Young Ruler * The Woman Who Anointed Jesus' Feet * Musical * Fibs Are Lies * King's Voice * Psalm 134 * The Lepers of Samaria