Jesus Bought a House: A Believer's Guide to the Principles of Holiness

by David A. Huston
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HOLINESS IS A BIG IDEA! And because of this, it does not lend itself to brief definitions or simplistic explanations. As believers, God calls us His holy people; yet He also instructs us to “be holy” and to “pursue” and “perfect” holiness. The challenge is understanding what this actually means in the life of a believer.

The purpose of this book is to explain in simply terms what holiness is and how it is pursued. It is based on the premise that the key to living a holy life is understanding seven eternal principles of holiness. They are called “eternal” because they are derived from the attributes of God Himself, which means they existed before the creation of the universe. But they were revealed in the Garden of Eden. This means that by looking back, we can discover these principles and learn how to apply in our lives.

This book proposes that understanding these principles is the key. This is because principles answer the question “Why?” Once a believer understands why we do what we do, holy living becomes an exciting and uplifting spiritual journey.

David A. Huston has written numerous books and articles on a variety of subjects. In 1992 he founded an Apostolic church in Carlisle, PA, where he lives with his wife, Barbara, and participates in the pastoral ministry. He has traveled widely and has taught on many topics, including Oneness, leadership, home group ministry, the Last Days, and holiness. In 2013 he taught holiness seminars in seven cities in South Africa, which gave him the inspiration for this book.