In the Time of Trouble He Shall Hide You

by Angie Williams
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Everyone remembers their favorite HIDE-and-SEEK moments. This is a deceptive game with little actual danger. This included the thrill of scurrying into shadowy corners, hiding beneath the bed, or squeezing into tight quarters. We felt like we had superpowers, especially when hidden in plain sight. We would often transform into still statues, holding our breath and trying hard not to make even the slightest motion. Then, as life unfolds, the game loses its luster, and we are confronted with the truth that TROUBLE constantly pursues us. We try to dodge TROUBLE while we naturally search for that elusive hiding place. Our rude awakening comes when TROUBLE either catches up with us or catches us completely off guard.

You will have this devotional handbook with you as a tool to build you up during your tribulations. Because there is a divine connection to your TROUBLE, your instinctive desire to HIDE in God will be confirmed.

TROUBLE forces you to HIDE and SEEK refuge in God because there is no other way out. This devotional handbook’s goal is to emphasize how God can and will use your TROUBLE as an invitation for your greater faith in HIM.