In God's Image

by Jordon P. Frye
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"In God's Image" is a heartwarming children's picture book that delves deep into the wonder of God's special creation—us.

A Captivating Tale: Journey through God's magnificent creation—from the twinkling stars to the vast oceans—all brought to life by His voice. Yet, when it came to mankind, God chose a personal touch. Through rhymes and vibrant illustrations, children will feel the love and intention with which they were made. A story so touching, kids will want to hear the tale of their own unique creation again and again.

Learning and Fun: Dive into a narrative that not only entertains but also instills a sense of self-worth and divine purpose. Young readers will learn about the special way they were formed and God’s intentionality behind every part of their body.

Teachings from the Bible: In a world where self-doubt is common, this book serves as a gentle reminder of our divine crafting. It beautifully illustrates how we are not just a part of creation but a testament to God's immense love and care.

Vivid and Heartfelt Illustrations: The imagery in this book resonates with the depth of its message. The colorful depictions are sure to captivate young minds, highlighting the beauty of creation and the special place humans hold within it.

Perfect for Numerous Occasions: Whether it's storytime, Sunday school, or a quiet evening read, In God's Image is a perfect fit. It's also an ideal gift for birthdays, dedications, and any occasion celebrating a child's life.

Join this poetic exploration of God's love and marvel at the unique and special way He crafted each one of us. "In God's Image" is not just a story; it's an affirmation of our cherished place in the tapestry of creation. A must-read for every young soul!