How to Teach HOLINESS: From the Inside Out Volume 1

by David A. Huston
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Holiness is a fundamental aspect of being a Christian. It is the attributes of God manifested in a human life. Since it affects every area of life, which includes both the inward and outward aspects of life, it must be presented to new believers in a comprehensive way, not as merely what a person has to do to be Apostolic.

We must be careful not suggest that holiness is equal to salvation, lest we do away with the power of the blood. A person does not have to be holy to be saved; yet without holiness a person will not be saved. This may see like a contradiction to some, but it is actually a vital distinction if we are to present holiness correctly and if it is to be received and lived out on the correct basis. In short, we do not live a holy life to be saved, but to glorify God. Yet how can we be saved if we fail to glorify God, since that is the purpose for which we have been saved?

The premise of this book is that people need to understand the eternal principles behind what we commonly call “holiness standards.” Every valid standard is based on a principle of holiness; but when these principles are not known or understood, believers tend to perceive the standards as little more than an Apostolic “dress code.”

How to Teach Holiness will provide all teachers of holiness with greater insight and a clearer definition of what constitutes true biblical holiness. It describes in detail seven eternal principles of holiness and how these principles must be applied in the lives of every believer.

David A. Huston has written numerous books and articles on a variety of subjects. In 1992 he founded an Apostolic church in Carlisle, PA, where he lives with his wife, Barbara, and participates in the pastoral ministry. He has traveled widely and has taught on many topics, including Oneness, leadership, home group ministry, the Last Days, and holiness. This volume was conceived while preparing to teach on holiness in South Africa. In 2013, after conducting holiness seminars for pastors in seven cities, he realized the depth of the need to teach church leaders how to teach holiness to their assemblies.

As a supplement to this book, the author has also written a shorter book called Jesus Bought a House for the students of holiness. This book focuses on defining holiness, describing the seven principles, and encouraging believers to embrace the life of holiness.