How to Find The Right Pastor

by Ron Hunter
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This handbook helps churches find and hire the right pastor or staff member for their youth, children, family, executive, next-gen, or worship ministries. Short chapters make the most relevant information easy to find. A ministry leader and a Christian attorney combine their skills to help your search committee find the right pastor or staff member for your church. This book covers five phases of the search process: Prepare for Your Search, Build the Profile, Find and Narrow to Your Top 3 to 5 Candidates, First Interviews With the Top 3 to 5 Candidates, and finally, Top Candidate Visit and the Vote. If you are looking at this book, it means you take the role of finding that next ministry leader seriously. You want to get it right, but how do you prioritize one set of preferences over another especially when your committee has yet to agree?

Identifying and proactively managing the issues most likely to cause tension between new leaders and their congregations is an essential part of the search process. This handbook will help churches explore the categories they should consider when searching for a candidate such as the biblical criteria expected, education expectations, geographical predispositions, work and ministry experience, spouse expectations, kid-related issues, involvement within the church leadership, social organizations, political involvement, and so much more.