Hey Dad, It's Me

by Julie McGhghy
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Was your biological father physically or emotionally unavailable? Learn how God can fill the void in your heart with His unending love.

Has your bio-dad been absent from your life? Do you feel unlovable because you were abandoned by a parent? Convinced you’re just like the man who wasn’t there for you? Meeting her biological father for the first time at the age of sixteen, teacher, minister, and missionary Julie McGhghy knows well the struggle that many like her face. Now she shares the powerful truth that God was present as a superior caregiver from the very start.

Hey Dad, It's Me! is a moving collection of personal insight, biblical wisdom, and scriptural passages that reveal our unbreakable bond to our Creator. Beginning each chapter with an excerpt from the letter she wrote her own father forgiving him for his absence, Julie explores every aspect of loving parenthood and shows how the Almighty tenderly fulfills longing hearts. And by following her path to understanding that you are more than a statistic, you’ll find your true identity and be transformed in His image.

Through Julie’s relatable observations, anyone who has experienced a physically or emotionally removed family will discover how they are always claimed by God and placed under His protection. And when you establish an eternal connection with our Heavenly Father, you’ll leave behind painful rejection to be renewed by His constant grace and mercy.

Hey Dad, It's Me! is a thought-provoking look at the redemption that lies in claiming your position as one of God’s children. If you like transparent and raw narratives, relevant Bible scriptures, and victorious strategies, then you’ll adore Julie McGhghy’s life-changing book.

Hey Dad, It's Me! to recognize you’re not fatherless today!