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Growing by Grace: A Study in Personal Holiness

by Daniel Dagan
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Growing by Grace is a study guide and sourcebook for those interested in understanding more about the subject of personal holiness and lifestyle dedications. This study has been a work in process over the last several years of my walk with God and ministry, the majority of that time has been in the pastoral office. As a church planter and pastor, God has had to slowly stir wisdom into my spirit on how to handle these subjects. The Lord of Heaven is still teaching me how to lead people into a greater walk of dedication and consecration, in this present world. My lovely wife and co-laborer, Da Vida, is a fourth generationApostolic from Louisiana and she has been a great voice of balance and reasoning for me through the years. She has very strong, God given Apostolic convictions and beliefs. The Lord has now released me to share with others what I have taught for years to the church I have been honored to plant and pastor. I pray this will be a blessing to every reader, as they grow by grace!

This is a 100 page study guide that covers the following lessons:
Maturing Process
Different Levels
Jewelry & Make Up
'Other Subjects'