Grounded in the Truth - CD

by Kids Power Hour
Word Aflame Press
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Kids POWer hour has provided an exciting, new children's church curriculum - Grounded in the Truth! This kPh series endeavors to 'ground' your students in basic Bible doctrines. Grounded in the Truth incorporates the underground ecosystem, recycling, and earthworms. Building a compost bin, using an earthworm puppet, and involving your students in a recycling project are just a few of the fun activities suggested for this series.

This double-CD pack offers a theme song and a new song for each hour that will help ground your students in the doctrinal truths each week. One CD is a performance CD featuring Apostolic children, and the second CD is sound tracks only.

Songs include:* I'm Grounded(Theme) * Word of God * Jesus Is God * I will Obey * I'm Sorry * Baptized * It's the Holy Ghost * I Can Be Holy * Teach Us to Pray and Fast * I Have Faith in God * Remember * I'll Be a Witness * I Want to Go to Heaven * I'm Watchin

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