Gold Tried in the Fire (eBook)

by Joy L. Haney
Word Aflame Press
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In medieval times, a goldsmith had a unique way of getting rid of the impurities from the precious metal. He would stand patiently and peer intently into the seething, molten mass, meantime making the fire hotter and hotter. When at last he saw his reflection in the molten mass of gold, he knew that the refining fire had wrought its purifying purpose. This is what the Master does in our lives: He wants to see Himself in us. He puts us into the fire to accomplish a greater work in our lives. The fire will come to all, and when it does, one must walk through the fire properly in order to become what the Master Goldsmith is trying to achieve. May God use this book to be a tremendous help to you during your times of being tried, as Joy Haney walks us through the trying times of those who were tried and came forth as gold.