Glory: 31 Day Devotional

by Youth Ministries
Word Aflame Press
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The term glory describes God’s magnificence, His many miraculous achievements, and His awesome power demonstrated around us. That promise of glory was not simply for the people of Scripture long ago, but that promise extends to the faithful believers of today

This thirty-one-day devotional on God’s glory is designed to help you understand the Bible and intentionally apply its words to your life. As you embark on this month-long journey, this resource will help you read the Bible consistently, meditate on key passages, and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Daily you’ll explore devotionals that dig into an area in which we want to see the glory of God. From our homes to our churches, and from our schools to our ministries, we should want to see God at work in all things. As we build our lives on the things of God, we will certainly see His glory—His love, power, and anointing displayed within every area of our lives.

Are you ready to experience His glory in a fresh and exciting way?

This devotional was launched at the 2023 North American Youth Congress in St. Louis, Missouri.