Get The Fire Back

by Jacy Lee Pulford
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Feeling overwhelmed about daily devotion with God? Not sure where to begin or how to find the time? Whether it's trying to be consistent or just trying to focus, this simple guidebook is for you. Get The Fire Back is designed to simplify the topic of devotion so that anyone (seasoned saint or new believer) can have the flame reignited.

Author Jacy Lee Pulford shared personal stories, insights, tips & easy methods that you can use right away. In a simple format, we dive into what devotion is, three ways to connect with God, hot keys to refocus our minds, loads of scripture and so much more.

The Bible says iron sharpens iron. Well with this guide, it's match lighteth match! Get The Fire Back for your personal devotion with God today, and implement what you've learned to keep the fire burning.