Friend Ship Teacher Manual (KPH)(PDF)

by Kids Power Hour
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Get on board the Friend Ship with Captain and Skipper and sail to far away Bible lands. Watch Jesus calm the storm, help Philip teach the Ethiopian eunuch, visit Elisha's Bed and Breakfast! Remember, the ship is imaginary, but the story is real! Activities, games, songs, scripts, illustrated children's sermons - everything you need for an exciting hour of children's church - is provided.

A CD containing songs mentioned throughout the lessons is also available.

More Info about Friend Ship

Décor: Ship’s deck
Characters: Captain, Skipper the Seaman

Unit One: Get on Board, Little Children (Salvation)
1. Making Reservations (Believing on Jesus)
2. Getting on Board (Repentance)
3. Going down in the Water (Water Baptism in Jesus’ Name)
4. Setting Sail (Holy Ghost Baptism)
5. Staying in the Ship (Staying Saved)
Unit Two: Sail On (Basic Truths)
6. Jesus, My Captain (Jesus Calms the Storm)
7. God’s Word, My Compass (Hilkiah Finds the Word)
8. The Ministry, Keeper of the Lighthouse (Philip Shows the Way)
9. Heaven, the Harbor (John Sees Heaven)
Unit Three: Ship Mates (Relationships with Friends)
10. First Class Quarters (Elisha’s Bed and Breakfast)
11. Dangerous Waters (Samson’s Barber)
12. All Hands on Deck (Dorcas’ Good Will Industry)
13. Friend Ship (David’s Stick-Tight Friend)