Four Tables

by Ken Gurley
Word Aflame Press
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Have you ever wondered, What is my purpose in life? What am I doing here? What does God want me to do? Using a metaphor of the tables Ezekiel saw in his vision of a new temple, Ken Gurley explains the fourfold plan for each believer's life, that is, to love, grow, serve, and go. Small group discussions challenge readers to apply these foundational principles to their lives resulting in deeper personal consecration and a renewed sense of purpose.

If enough people in enough places repurpose themselves according to God’s plan for their lives, Ken Gurley writes, “it is my firm expectation that a harvest of great proportions will be unleashed. If a particular class, segment of the church, or even an entire assembly works its way through this material, I strongly suspect the church will see a great difference in its meaningfulness and relevance to the community in which it ministers.'