For Such a Time as This

by Staci Wilder
Word Aflame Press
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ISBN: 9781567226324
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Three sisters struggle to embrace the challenges of adulthood as their lives and the choices they make carry them further from each other and from the Bible lessons they were taught as children. Meagan, Melodee, and Lindsay all daughters of the strong and faith-filled Tess Freeman'try to find their way in the world, even as that world seems to be tilting out of control. Through mistakes, mishaps, and misguided directions, these three young women find their lives taking turns they never anticipated and aren't prepared for. Credit card woes, jealousy, loves lost and found and finding acceptance with the right people, test the women's faith and tries their hearts. It is only after they once again recognize God's grace that they begin the journey back to each other, ultimately realizing that no distance and no difficulty can truly separate a family that God has placed together. Come follow the continuing tale of the 'women of Crandall' in this sequel to These Things We Hold.