First Words Fitly Spoken

by Chris Paris,Everett Gossard,eds.
Word Aflame Press
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Beginnings are important. It has been said, ‚"You never have a second chance to make a first impression.‚" Characters in the Bible are no different. When we first encounter a character in the Bible, many times we are introduced to them through their first words. And these words often tell us a great deal about the essence of that person.

This book offers a deep dive into the world of ancient narrative as seen in the Book of Genesis. Editor and UGST professor Chris Paris leads the charge with his insightful analysis of Esau‚" first words," Feed me.‚" Some of the other contributions touch on problems that continue to this day, such as exile, abuse, and infertility, while other essays celebrate and promote godly leadership and righteousness. Looking at these biblical characters through the lens of their first words gives us a better understanding of the lives behind the stories, and as we do so, we better understand the stories of our lives.