Facing the Issues

by Word Aflame Elective Series
Word Aflame Press
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Addresses issues such as euthanasia, gambling, the New Age, child neglect, pornography, and others. These easy to teach lessons offer questions and suggestions at the conclusion of each chapter.

Chapter topics include: Tragedy of the Unborn (Abortion); The Value of Human Life (Suicide, Murder, and Euthanasia); The Broken Covenant (Divorce and Remarriage); Save the Children (Child Abuse and Incest); Left to Themselves (Neglected and Latchkey Children); Harmful Habits (Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco); The Crown of Creation (Feminism); The Snare of Greed (Materialism and Greed); Moral Purity (Premarital Sex); Perverted Practices (Homosexuality); The Menace of Society (Pornography); Doctrines of Deceit (the New Age Movement); and Seeking Biblical Answers.

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