Elements Participant Guide - Module 1

by Word Aflame Press
Word Aflame Press
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Every church wants to retain those who are new to the church.  We invest in outreach events to attract attention, and we work diligently to instill a culture of friendliness and connection. However, retention requires systematic teaching that grounds new people in the Word of God. All of us need materials that cover Apostolic doctrine thoroughly and represent our churches credibly.

The Elements Participant Guide has been created with the intent to foster personal study so participants can internalize truth and own it for themselves. Each lesson includes prompts for students to spend time in pre-session study, as well as material for them to fill out during the teaching session. 

Module 1: Foundational Elements covers the following topics:

- 1.1 Welcome to the Family

- 1.2 New Life

- 1.3 Connection to God

- 1.4 The Benefits of Belonging

- 1.5 Grace to Overcome

- 1.6 The Power of Sharing Your Story